Ford S-Max Radio Code Generator


Lost the radio code? Ford S-Max cars are family cars in which it’s especially unpleasant to hear nothing but the sound of the engine. If you’re on the road, the roads are endless if you don’t have your favourite music at hand.

ford s max radio code

How to get my Ford S-Max radio code free

The traditional way to get the radio code for your Ford S-Max is to visit your nearest Ford dealer. However, this method involves wasting a lot of precious time and in some cases can cost as much as 50 Euro. However, with our service you can get the 4-digit radio code directly from your home (or car) and pay a fee of only 7 euros or if you use our free generator, even nothing.

The only condition for getting a free Ford S-Max radio code is that instead of receiving the code instantly, you receive it after 24 hours.

What do I need to get my code?

Sony radio code

Getting the code online is easy. All you need is the serial number that identifies your radio unit. This number can be found on the display of the radio by pressing 1 and 6 if your audio model is SONY. Example of a valid serial:

ford sony serial number on screen

Travelpilot radio code

If your S-Max is from 2011 to 2015, most probabely it comes with Travelpilot EX, NX or FX navigation. To get the radio code you need to locate the serial number first, which you can see on the label attached to the back of the box. The serial number starts with BP or C7 and has a total length of 14 characters. Example: BP0532H1901021 or C7E3F0680A7938156

ford s-max navigation radio serial

6000 CD Radio – 2006, 2007 and 2008

The unlock for a 6000 CD radio is made from the serial number starting with V. You can find it either on the radio screen (by holding the buttons 1 and 6) on the radio back, where you can see a label and the serial under or above the barcode. Once you find the serial, press to button above to visit the unlock generator.