Generate Free Ford Radio Codes

Simply enter your V or M series radio serial number below and you will get the code instantly.

How to get my Ford radio code?

  1. Simply enter your M or V serial number in the box at the top of this website and press "Get Code".
  2. The code used to unlock your radio will be displayed instantly.

How do I find my Ford radio serial number?

  1. On the front of your radio, press 1 & 6 simultaneously.
  2. If the serial number still does not show, try pressing 2 & 6 instead.
  3. Your serial number should now be displayed on the display.
  4. On some models of Ford radios, the only way to find the serial number is to look at the label on top of the radio by pulling it out using Ford Radio Removal Keys.

How to enter my Ford radio code?

  1. On the front of your radio, press the '1' button until the first digit of your code is shown on the display.
  2. Repeat step 1 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th digit of your code.
  3. Finally, press the '5' button to apply the code.
  4. The radio should now be operating as normal.

Is my radio compatible?

This website will generate codes compatible with the following radios: Ford 6000 CD, Ford 4500 RDS EON, Ford 6000 CD RDS, Ford Sony CD132, Sony CD3XX, Ford 4000 RDS and Ford 5000 RDS. There may be others, but as long as your serial number starts with an 'M' or a 'V', then it will probably work.

What about radio codes for other vehicles?

I'm working on coding the algorithms for other radio codes. If you have access to algorithms or code lists, please contact me at

Why is this free?

I found myself needing a Ford radio code and came across lots of websites advertising the codes for free. After entering my serial number, most of the sites would then go through a very fake looking verification process to make it seem like it's doing something complicated. They would then ask for an email address, and then finally ask for a payment in return for the code instantly or wait 24 hours for it to be emailed to you.
Feeling frustrated, within 24 hours I created this website which is the actual only free AND instant ford radio code generator available. I used a V series code list from and used an algorithm decoded by Dunker from Digital Kaos to generate the M serial numbers.

Why Donate?

This site isn't free to run. While I already had the web server, I still had to purchase the domain and spend money advertising the site on Google and Bing. Although I will never charge for generating codes, donations will help to ensure the website keeps running.

3,512 codes generated since 13-07-19 saving around £17,560 (assuming the average site charges £5). 23 per day on average (£116).