Car radio code retrieval

Tired of just hearing the engine noise? You are not the only one. Get the code to activate your radio easily and quickly. Some makes are free!

You can get the activation code for your car radio using the serial number that identifies the audio unit. You can find this number stamped on the side of the radio box. See details on the page of your car brand. If the make of your car is not listed, you can always contact us, and we will give you more details.

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Most unlocked models

We can unlock the stereo code for a wide variety of models.

Ford radio codes
  • Focus
  • Fiesta
  • Transit
  • Mondeo
  • Ka
  • Galaxy
Renault radio codes
  • Clio
  • Megane
  • Scenic
  • Trafic
  • Kangoo
  • Laguna
Volkswagen radio codes
  • Polo
  • Golf
  • Passat
  • Gamma
  • Alpha
  • Beetle
  • Jetta
Nissan radio codes
  • Micra
  • Qashqai
  • Juke
  • Note
  • NV200
  • Almera
  • Navara
Audi radio codes
  • TT
  • A3
  • A4
  • A6
  • Concert
  • Chorus
  • Symphony

How to get your Ford radio code

Recovering the code for your Ford Focus, Fiesta, Transit or any other model has never been more comfortable.

Have bought a second hand Ford car or changed the battery and don't have the radio code? Don't worry, on this website you can unlock your original code just by providing the serial number.

It works for all the radio models seen on Focus, Fiesta, Transit, Mondeo, Ka and other makes. Australian and Indian Focus is also compatible. More models at Stereo Decode

For first, find the serial number of the radio. In Ford cars, some models (6000 CD, 4500 RDS EON, Sony CD3XX) can display the serial on the screen by holding buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 for a few seconds. For other models (6000 CD RDS EON, 4000 RDS, 3000 TRAFFIC, etc), you have to remove the radio and find the top or side label.

Get Ford radio code
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Get your VW radio code

Now you can calculate the safe code for your Golf, Polo, Passat, Beetle and others in minutes just by entering the serial number. Works for all Gamma and Connect stereo models. Our service is available every day from 8 am to 7 pm. All orders placed after closing time are shipped the next day.

Calculate Volkswagen radio code

Help center

  • How to enter Ford radio code

    Turn the radio switch to on and ensure it says CODE. Repeatedly press button 1 until the first digit of the code is entered. Repeatedly press button 2, 3 and 4 to enter the remaining 3 digits. Press button 5 to send the code to the radio.

  • How to unlock my car radio code

    Indifferently if your car is a Ford, a Renault or a Honda, there is the same process. All you need to do is to locate the stereo serial number using the instructions you can find on-page.

  • How do I find my radio serial number

    Usually, to find the serial, you need to remove the radio and locate the top or side case label. However, there are stereo models like 6000 CD and Sony on Ford Focus and Fiesta cars which can display the serial on the screen by holding pressed 1 and 6 buttons. Fin the exact instructions on your vehicle make page.