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Enter the serial you can find on your radio screen or label.

How to get Ford Transit radio code free v

The security code of any original radio in a Transit Connect, Van or any other type, is calculated using the serial number of the radio. Find this identifier in the label affixed to the radio case. To facilitate identification, you should know that this series begins with V or M plus six digits.

To see this label, you must remove your stereo unit from the centre of the console to such an extent that you can see the sticker attached to it. You can remove the radio using the removal keys which you can find searching for "Ford Transit radio removal tools" on google.

There are some radio models, such as the Transit 6000 CD, which in most cases do not need to be removed as it shows the identifier on the screen. See the section below.

How to get Transit 6000 CD radio code

The 6000 CD 2005 - 2011 can display the serial number on the screen in most cases. I say this because there are some 6000 CDs that do not show the identifier and we also need to remove it. To make the identifier appear on the screen, we turn on the radio and press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. Our radio shows different information for half a minute. If you are lucky, the serial number appears last. You can recognize it because it always starts with the letter V followed by six digits. Example: V201002.

However, if the last thing you see is something like "SWP4--", it is clear that you have to take out the radio to see the number on the label.

You can also see Ford 6000 CD radio codes

Ford Transit radio code 2011 - 2012

The 2011 and 2012 Transit model, both Van and Connect come with the 6000 CD model radio mounted. This radio has a security code that triggers every time there is a power failure in the van. In case of loss, calculate the security code for it using our free Transit radio code generator. You need to find the serial number of your 6000 CD for the unlocking process.


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