Nissan Radio Code Unlock

Unlock your Nissan radio code using the serial number that you can find on the screen or the rear label of the radio.

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The serial can be found on the screen or back label. See the section above.

How to get your Nissan radio code

It is possible to unlock the code for a Nissan radio using the serial number. Find this number on the screen or the back label of the radio, more details below. Once you have it, use our generator to calculate the original security code.

How to find Nissan Sat Nav serial

Turn on the audio unit and enter the code 0000 three times in a row. The radio gets locked for sixty minutes, during which time it displays the serial number on the screen.

nissan connect radio serial

How to find Nissan Daewoo serial

Turn on the radio and make sure you read 'Radio code' on the screen. Enter the code 0-0-0-0 for three times. This code is wrong and will lock the radio for sixty minutes. While it is locked, you can see the serial number printed on the screen.

nissan daewoo radio serial

How to find Nissan Clarion serial

The serial number for this model is only found on the side label of the radio box. The audio unit must be removed to see this label. The process is relatively easy using a flat head screwdriver and preferably the extraction keys that you can find on Amazon or eBay.

nissan clarion radio serial

How to enter Nissan radio code

Entering the code into your Nissan radio is easy. We are going to use the default buttons one through four. Next, we repeatedly press button one as many times as necessary to enter the first digit of the code. For example, if an "8" has to be entered, we press the button eight times. We do the same with buttons two, three and four. We push the "Enter" button to confirm the code. In some models, it is necessary to keep 6, TA or Seek pressed for 15 seconds, depending on the case.


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Jan could not unlock my code directly but guided me to ebay where I got the correct code for around 6 pounds

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