Skoda Radio Code Generator

Retrieve the code on your Skoda vehicle radio from the serial number.

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How to get your radio code

Retrieve the activation code for the radio in your Skoda car, necessary after a power interruption, such as a battery change. With this online generator, you will get the original 4-digit code that you can use every time you need it again. All you need for the unlock process is the serial number that you can find on the back, by partially removing the radio unit from the centre of the console.

With this generator, you can unlock your code regardless of the Skoda car model you have or the radio mounted on it. It works perfectly with Blaupunkt, Dance, Symphony and Swing radios which have a serial number beginning with SKZ.

  • Fabia
  • Octavia
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Where to find your Skoda serial number

Find the serial number stamped on the label attached to the side of the audio unit. To see it, you must carefully remove the radio, which is fastened with four screws. To see these screws, you must remove the plastic molds that surround it. Once you see the said label, look under the barcode, you should see a series that begins with SKZ and is followed by other digits and letters. Typically this string is 14 characters long. It is recommended that you take a photo of it before reassembling the radio since in case the code does not work we will ask for it to make sure that it has been identically entered.


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100% working service

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rating stars grey My arse you have to pay for them this is misleading I won’t be recommending them. Free means free

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Everything turned out fine but I was waiting for an email with the code as you wrote 2 days ! I thought I lost money but then it occurred to me to refresh your site and ... I got it! Thank you

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Unlocking service fully recommended 5/5. A very nice support, they helped me recover the code for my Octavia in less than half an hour.