VW radio codes - online unlock

Your original Volkswagen radio is asking for the code? Get it back in seconds with our free generator.

Enter the serial you can find on your radio label.

How to get your VW radio code

Unlock the original code of your original Volkswagen radio in three simple steps.

Find your radio serial

Take out the radio and find the serial number on the side case label.

Get your code

Copy your VWZ serial and enter it on the unlock box to calculate your code.

Enter your code

Enter the code returned on your VW radio and start enjoying the music.

Popular VW model

We can unlock the stereo code for a wide variety of models.

  • Polo
  • Golf
  • Passat
  • Beetle
  • Gamma
  • Jetta

What the people says

Our service is appreciated both in the UK and in other countries.

Very helpful. And very fast reply with VW radio code. Amazing reply within a few seconds. Thanks again guys

John Moore

Highly recommend. Delivered excellent service for my VW Golf 2008 radio...Thank You for your patience to resolve issue

Gary Kelly

The service by VW Radio Code is excellent, i paid £9.99 and got the code instantly, which unlocked my radio at first try.