Ford Focus Radio Code Free Generator

Calculate the anti-theft code needed to re-activate your Ford Focus radio by providing the serial number.

Enter the serial you can find on your radio screen or label.
You may also see Ford 6000 CD radio codes

How to get Ford Focus Radio Code

It is quite common for Ford Focus car radios to start asking for the code after a power outage. These interruptions are mainly produced by the change of the battery or when it is empty. Once locked, you can see the word "Code" on the radio screen, making it completely unusable. To use it again, we need to enter the unique four-digit code. This code can sometimes be found with the car papers. Otherwise, you can generate your Ford Focus radio code using the serial number of the radio.

How to find the serial number

All radios produced for Ford vehicles have the serial number on the label affixed to the box. To see this label, you have to remove the stereo unit using the removal keys. In the Focus models from 2004 to 2008 with 6000 CD and Sony stereos, you don't need to remove it. The serial number can also be found on the screen, by holding down buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds.

How to enter Ford Focus radio code

Follow these steps to enter your Ford Focus radio code 6000 CD. If we have to enter a 5, for example, we have to press the one button five times. If it were the case that our code starts with zero, then press it for ten times. You have to do the same using buttons 2, 3 and 4. In the end, to confirm the code, you have to press button 5.


Replaced my battery and then couldn't find the keycode. I found this awesome site which calculated my code from the serial number. It even explained which buttons to press on the radio to get the serial ! Totally awesome and free :)

trustpilot 5 stars Martin Grantham at Trustpilot

Perfect!! Typed in the serial number, up came the Ford Focus radio code, fed it into the radio, job done, less than 5 minutes. Another website wanted £8 for the same service.

trustpilot 5 stars Mr A Voller at Trustpilot

Absolute legend! Changed my battery and couldn't find my code due to moving recently, loads out there to rip honest people off, great service and explained in great detail. Can't recommend enough!

trustpilot 5 stars The Lispy Plumber at Trustpilot

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My first code did not work but after contacting them they found and sorted the issue. Great overall customer service.

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Hello. it's working,I have the code.Thank you.

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