Ford radio code free unlock

Dead battery or purchased a second hand Ford vehicle without radio code? Unlock your factory stereo code from the serial number.

Enter the serial you can find on your radio screen or label.
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How to get Ford radio code

Retrieving the code of your Ford vehicle has never been easier.

Find your radio serial

The serial number that identifies your Ford stereo unit is necessary. Find it on the screen or on the box label.

Get your code

Enter your serial number and immediately generate the original code of your radio. You can use it as many times as you want.

Enter your code

Enter the code obtained using the preset buttons (see below how to do it). Send the code and enjoy the music again!

For more exact details we recommend that you take a look at this page Ford radio codes

How to find your radio serial

Retrieving the code of your Ford vehicle has never been easier.

ford 6000 cd rds eon serial
Ford 6000 CD 1998 - 2004

This model is old and does not show the serial on the screen, so you must remove the stereo unit. You can see it on the case top and side sticker. Example: M001792

ford 6000 cd serial
Ford 6000 CD 2004 - 2008

To find the serial number, you have to hold down buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. The serial number begins with the letter V or M, followed by six digits. Example: V068498

Many times the serial number is not displayed so you will have to remove the radio to see it.

ford 6000 cd 2008 - 2015 serial
Ford 6000 CD 2008 - 2015

To view the series of your stereo unit, hold down buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds and look for the series that begins with the letter V followed by six digits. Example: V184349

ford sony 2008 - 2015 serial
Ford Sony

The model manufactured by Sony after 2008 always shows the serial number on the screen. Turn on the stereo unit and hold buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. Then look for a character string that starts with SOCDX. The serial number is at the end of this string. Example: V001715

ford 4500 rds eon serial
Ford 4500 RDS EON

To find the serial number of your 4500 RDS radio, press and hold buttons 2 and 6 for several seconds. The serial number appears instantly. Example: M480520

ford travelpilot serial
Ford Travelpilot

The serial number of this model is on the top and side sticker of the box, so you must remove the unit. Example: C7E4F0762 3 3731277

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Our users are very grateful. We are providing free codes while an official Ford dealer charges up to 50 pounds.

Changed my battery and lost radio code, couldn’t find it in the audio book so entered the V number into this and it generated the correct code straight away.

Tony Page

Robert gave me my dads radio code on his ford 6000 radio. It now Works again, What a fantastic refreshing free service. 1st class service. Highly recommended!

Gary Tyler

Great work! They answered in max 20 seconds and they provide me the correct code. Yuppie, I can listen music again. Thank you, you made my day guys.