Honda Radio Code Unlock Generator

Do you need the code for your original radio of your Honda car? Get it back in seconds. Easy peasy!

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Get your Honda code in three steps

See how to find your serial number in function of radio model.

Find radio serial

Find the serial number of your Honda radio by pressing buttons 1 and 6.

Calculate the code

Use our instant calculator to generate your code from the serial number.

Activate the radio

Enter the serial code in your radio and submit it with the central button. All ready!

Where to find the serial number

We can unlock the stereo code for a wide variety of models.

Find serial on the radio screen.

If your Honda radio is newer than 2001, you can get the serial number without removing the radio. To do this, turn on the unit and make sure you read "CODE". Then press and hold buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously for several seconds. Depending on the model, the serial displays in different ways. Some radios display an eight-digit number, while others alternate the serial number split into two pieces. Example: U2039 on one screen and L0290 on the next. The serial number would then be U2039L0290.

honda radio serial on screen

Find serial on the label.

If your radio is old or the first method didn't work, you have to take out the radio to see the serial. Once outside, locate the number on the label attached to the side of the unit. A valid Honda serial number is usually made up of 8 digits with two or three letters on the front. Some series are only made up of 7 digits, while others start with M and are made up of different numbers and letters. Please note that radios made in Japan are not compatible with online unlocking.

honda radio serial on label

Finding Honda Accura navigation.

Sometimes you can find the serial number and activation code on a sticker on the box. If you can't find yours, then follow this procedure to see the number:

  • Turn off or make sure your navigation is OFF.
  • With one hand, press and hold the SEEK (SEEK / SKIP) and CH (CH / DISC) buttons.
  • With the other hand, press the power button.
  • The serial number that appears on the screen is generally divided into two pieces. Example: U1233 and L3829.
honda navigation serial on screen

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